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My house washing will put a new smile on your property

Its my aim to rejuvenate your home and leave it with a smileNew Title

Expert ready for high pressure house washing in Auckland

House washing

Regular house washing as part of your maintenance program will lengthen the life of your exterior paintwork and cladding and makes economic sense. 

As a rule I apply a special biodegradable solution to the exterior of your property which we than soft-brush to loosen any dirt and grime, and lastly I finish with a low pressure rinse.
House washing on the roof in Auckland

Roof treatment

Our Roof treatment service involves a low pressure application of a biodegradable cleaning agent to the surface of your roof.The moss, lichen, algae and mould will die and erode away with the weather which will take about six months. 

Alternatively I can treat your roof and pressure wash around 6 weeks after the initial treatment as a faster and more comprehensive treatment method.
Expert ready for high pressure house washing in Auckland

Gutter cleaning

Cleaning your spouting as part of your house washing means I will clean the surfaces of all gutters as well as the downpipes, remove any build-up of leaves, etc., and ensure that there are no blockages that prevent free drainage.

Protect your home or business from fire and flooding with clear and functional gutters by Eco Exterior Clean.
Expert cleaning a path in New Zealand

Concrete pathways, fences, etc.

To remove moss and mould from concrete pathways and fences I will apply my bleach-free cleaning agents that won't impact on your garden and pets and then proceed with soft washing and or water blasting.
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